Install Free SSL Certificate on Apache / Nginx

Switch to root user and use below commands to add letsencrypt cert repository, install the certificate tool and dependencies : If you have apache webserver then install certbot for apache using below command: If you have nginx webserver then install certbot for nginx using below command: STEP 2: GENERATE CERTIFICATE FOR DOMAIN OR DOMAINS You can generate certificate […]

How to create an Elastic IP and attach with EC2 Instance

When you launch an EC2 instance, you receive a Public IP address by which that instance is reachable. Once you stop that instance and restart that, you get a new Public IP for the same instance’s. So, Public IP get’s changed every time for an instance after stop/start. To solve this problem, we need to attach an Elastic […]

How to map domain name to Amazon EC2 instance ( Using Route 53 )

Get Elastic IP and Assign it to Amazon instance The first thing you need to do is get an Elastic IP address, EC2 Instance IP address can change during reboot the instance but elastic IP are static IP’s so you should make sure you create one of them and assign it your running instance. After getting Elastic IP follow […]