How to create an Elastic IP and attach with EC2 Instance

When you launch an EC2 instance, you receive a Public IP address by which that instance is reachable. Once you stop that instance and restart that, you get a new Public IP for the same instance’s. So, Public IP get’s changed every time for an instance after stop/start. To solve this problem, we need to attach an Elastic IP to an Instance which doesn’t change after you stop / start the instance as many times.

Create an elastic IP and attach with EC2 instance :

Select EC2 under Compute.
  1. Click Allocate new address in the Elastic IPs page.
Select Elastic IP from left navigation and click on "allocate new address" button.
  1. Then, click Allocate in the next page.
Allocate new Elastic IP
Elastic IP allocated
  • Go to Actions , and click Associate address.
Associate Elastic IP with EC2 Instance
  1. Choose the EC2 instance you are integrating and click on Associate button.
choose instance from dropdown
Select Private IP

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