How to launch an Amazon EC2 Instance

Select EC2 under Compute.

Click on Launch Instance button.

Select AMI as per your choice ( I have selected Ubuntu 18 ).

Step 2 – Choose an Instance Type ( i have selected t2.micro ). and click on Next button.

Step 3 – Just enter number of Instances to launch. Keep other configurations as default. and click on Next Button.

Step 4 – Enter volume size in GB ( For free tier can select up to 30 GB only ). Then Click on Next Button.

Step 5 – Add tags for your instance ( Optional ), Then click on Next button.

Step 6 – Configure Security Group, Add 3 types of rules as following screen :

SSH – Grant permission to access from FTP Client / Terminal using keypair.
HTTP – Allow access from internet browser to open website over http protocol.
HTTPS – Allow access from internet browser to open website over https protocol (SSL).

Step 7 – Verify each configurations before launch.

Download keypair ( It cannot regenerate for this instance, so please keep it safe )

Now your EC2 Instance is being setup, It will look like as following screen.

Wait few seconds, Your EC2 Instance is launched successfully and your Virtual Server is ready.
Copy Public IP of your instance and enter in web browser.
Now link your domain name to this Instance.

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